Bargain Bundles

We've put together some of your favourites at a bargain price! 



Layout #4 with Accessory Pack

.this pack contains layout #4 (see complete layouts for details), plus accessory pack,,,

This pack contains

2 horses

1mare with newborn foal

3 Grooms

2 Stable Rugs

2 Saddle Pads

2 Halter/leadropes

2 Saddles

2 Bridles

3 Mangers

3 Water/Feedbowls

3 Sack Feeed with spoon

3 Packs  bedding


Mucking Out Tools

3 Filled Haynets

3 Haybales

Complete Stableyard



Stableyard Set

Stable , fully fited, with horse, Rug, Halter, Haynet and Grooming Tools.

Horsefeed and Stable Management Pack

Everything you need to look after your ponies

Course of 3 Showjumps with Poles, Planks and Wall

Have fun with your horses with this set of jumps

Pony and Accessories


Dressage Arena