New 3-stall Barn
Too many ponies and not enough stabling?

 Problem solved!

Last year we introduced our 3 Stall Barn and you loved it but now we've made it even better. You wanted somewhere to hang our hook-on mangers at feeding time, so we've changed things a bit so now you can.    

Our new 3-stall barn has plenty of room.  It comes ready-assembled and fitted with haynet and tethering rings -just waiting for your model ponies. It measures (12" x 10" x 9")

Any of our ponies will fit, also Breyer Classic, Julip Originals, Schleich Horse Club etc.

We're so pleased with it, we're making it this year's firstf Bundle Offer.

Order your barn This Weekend  and we'll send you two horses to live in it, two filled haynets and of course, two hook on mangers.

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Worth £37.50 now at the Bargain Bundle Price of £29.50 (free P&P)

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3-Stall Barn Special Offer